Serving as a model and a leader company in our field in Turkey and the world.


  • To inform our consumer and customers about our sector, new products, developments, the risks that might occur and the facilities,
  • To represent the sectors of legume and pasta on national and international scales,
  • To dynamize and encourage our sector to create new markets and increase our share in current markets,
  • To provide products and services with effective and sustainable quality in  the international market,
  • To ensure that our sector has sharing and participatory management and institutions through contemporary management mentality.


  • To ensure the continuity of customer satisfaction and to increase the rate of satisfaction by meeting all the needs of our customers that we reach,
  • To make all the work done at the first time and every time right on time by ensuring the participation of all our employees,
  • To create an honest, tolerant, respectful and self-sacrificing working environment in a team spirit for our employees for continuous education, improvement and improvement,
  • To make production under hygienic and advanced technological conditions while complying with the relevant notifications of the Turkish Food Codex and in this respect to fulfill the requirements of food safety and management policy,
  • To carry out works to ensure the continuity of the acceptance of our ‘good quality product’ that we have built in the internal and foreign markets,
  • To increase our production capacity and product range,
  • To guarantee the production of ‘Safe Product’ as well as good quality in the products and processes that we have produced (with microbiological, chemical, physical external analyses).


  • To respect human health, life and the rights of our employees,
  • To be respectful toward the ecological system and protection of environment,
  • To treat equally all countries, regions and persons with whom we are in a business relationship,
  • To have egalitarian and participatory management principles.